PureSound llc - Music Recording & Production ~ Piano Tuning & Service
Serving northern Colorado
We provide high-quality music recording and production services--specializing in recording on-site, at your place of performance.

With over 30 years in music and audio engineering, we know what it takes to produce superb recordings that capture the ambiance, energy, and Pure Sound of your performance.

Meeting a variety of recording needs, we provide exceptional quality, personalized service, and affordable pricing:
  • Full CD & DVD production (ready for distribution or resale):  Recording, mastering, graphical design, duplication, and copyright management
  • Archive recordings:  A record of your performance
  • Audition recordings
  • Demo recordings
  • Recital recordings
  • Video recording:  To meet the increasing needs for video auditions and  samples, we now offer High Definition video recordings along with our superb audio.

Other services include:
  • Audio sound system sales, consultation, design, installation, and problem resolution.
  • Audio equipment rental and operation, engineering your performance to sound its best.
  • Piano tuning, voicing, and repair to keep your grand or upright in excellent shape and sound.  See our Piano Home for more details.

We are honored to serve fine groups of musical excellence:

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